One Voice Mixed Chorus


Our History

One Voice Mixed Chorus, Minnesota’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and straight allies (LGBTA) community chorus, was formed in 1988—one of the first choruses in the country to bring together men and women from the GLBT and allied communities. The intent was to unite for a common goal of creating social change through music; the gay and lesbian communities had already begun working together to address the AIDS crisis, which had reached astronomical proportions, and it was clear that further social change was needed.

Today, One Voice is the largest LGBTA chorus in North America. It is comprised of 125 men and women of diverse cultural backgrounds, from ages 17 to 75, drawn together as members and allies of the GLBT community. Being a member of One Voice is a profound experience for many chorus members, affecting their sense of identity and connection to community. One Voice could not exist without the volunteer efforts of its members and supporters, who contribute 4,000 to 5,000 volunteer hours annually. Together, we dedicate our time and energy to the One Voice mission:  “Building community and creating social change by raising our voices in song.”


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Making A Difference

“Your message of hope is so beautiful and inspiring, and each time I hear you, you sound better. I don’t know you do it, but I am so grateful for the result!”
–Dr. Karen Rusthoven, principal at Community of Peace Academy